Thursday, September 14, 2017

Jamie's First Few Weeks in Kindergarten!

Jamie started Kindergarten! She has had a great first few weeks of school. They started a day late on August 29th because of the bad weather due to Hurricane Harvey. I took the typical "First Day of School" pic and then Jamie wanted to make it an everyday thing. So now we have pictures from the 1st-7th day of school! Hahaha. I convinced her that it was making us run late in the morning, so she finally agreed we didn't have to take them anymore. Hahaha. That girl is so determined and knows what she wants. Her Kindergarten teacher this year is Mrs. Moore. Jamie loves her and is really enjoying school so far. I got choked up on the first day, but Jamie just waved at me and was like, "Bye, Mom!"
So excited for her first day of school!

 Sitting in her classroom on the first day of school.
 Cute and ready for the second day of school.
 Sassy and stylish for the third day of school.
 Posing in our front yard for the fourth day of school.
 Excited and ready for the 5th day of school.
 Happy for the 6th day of school.
 7th Day of School!
 The second week of school Jamie was having a hard time listening to her teacher, so Mom watched April and Ryan for me. I brought DQ for Jamie and she and I had lunch in her school cafeteria. Please excuse the no-makeup and frizzy hair look. School starts early in the morning, ok? I love this girl and I am so proud of her for doing so well and making friends.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ryan's Birthday and Jamie's Birthday and Everything in Between

Our little man Ryan turned one year old in July! Since we were traveling back from Grant and Hailey's wedding on his actual birthday, the flight attendants on our Southwest Airlines flight let Ryan sit in the cockpit with the Captain! That was super cool. I think I enjoyed it even more then Ryan did.

When we got back home the next day we did the whole cake-and-presents thing. Ryan loved his cake. But to be honest, there's really no food this kid doesn't devour in two seconds!
 Grami and Grampi Garcia got Ryan a basketball, football, and soccer ball. He hasn't played with anything else in an entire month! He loves carrying them all around the house.

 Eating cake. 'Nuff said.

Our boy sure loves to share! Hahaha.
Ben finished the kid's playscape! They love it and play on it all the time when it's not 150 degrees outside.
Jamie finished her swim lessons! She did two weeks through the city with one of her friends from our mom Meetup group. She is much more confident in the water now and likes trying to swim without her floaties.
 Jamie with her swim lesson teacher, Mr. Spencer.
 We went on a super fun day trip to Mansfield Dam out on Lake Travis. We got there nice and early so we got a great picnic table spot to put all our stuff on. Ryan LOVES being outside.
 April ready to swim.
 Enjoying the beachy part of the lake.

For playgroup on Jamie's actual birthday, we went to New Braunfels to the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo. You get to go up close to the animals and they also have roaming chickens and peacocks. The kids loved it!
 April enjoyed looking at the jaguars.
 Here is the adorable Fennec Fox that the kids got to pet.

 They had a petting zoo with sheep and goats and pigs, and those animals were CRAZY!! They loved their food.

 Jamie enjoyed chasing the baby chicks around and holding them. 
 Jamie with her friend Annabelle.

Touching the huge python. This is about as close as I got.

Jamie was a very lucky girl this year, because not only did she get to go to the zoo on her actual birthday, but then she had an amazing Birthday party two days afterwards with tons of friends and family! We played backyard water games and ate watermelon, pizza, and cake. The kids had such a fun time!
 The colorful cupcakes Grami Garcia made for the party.
 The cake! Grami made this one too.
 I got a slip n' slide from WalMart for under $10. Totally worth it! Took the kids a little while to figure it out.

 April enjoying the kiddie pool.
 Ryan loved being a part of the action.


This was the biggest hit of the party. I put a sprinkler on the slide and then a tarp at the end and the kids took turns going down. Jamie wouldn't because she said, "I'm terrified!" But a lot of the other kids did!

 Playing Duck-Duck-Goose with water.

 I think we had about 20 kids total. I told them to eat their watermelon and pizza outside on the tarp. Totally cut down on the mess!
 The chaos with everyone inside.

 This is Ryan after two slices of pizza, countless grapes, and a cupcake.
 Getting the candles lit!
 Happy Birthday to Jamie! Can't believe she's 5 years old!

 Opening presents.

It was the BIGGEST, LOUDEST, CRAZIEST party ever!! So much fun.