Sunday, December 31, 2017

April's Birthday!

This cutie pie turned 3 years old on December 6th! I think this picture captures her sweet personality and gorgeous deep blue eyes. April is such an easygoing, fun loving, laid back kid. She definitely has Ben's personality, but she can really be wacky sometimes like me.  Around the same time as her birthday, April got her first haircut! She did really well. Her curls are even springier and cuter than before.
Our family friend Abby cuts the kids' hair and I love it because she always comes to the house! 
 We had a very small Birthday party for April with my mom, dad, Auntie Agie, and the Hill family. April was so excited to open her presents. Jamie had a hard time sitting down she was so excited to see what April's new toys were!
 Opening her presents.

 Getting ready to eat her Rainbow Dash Birthday cake. The theme for her birthday was "My Little Pony" of course!
 Reading a bed time book with Auntie Agie. We were so happy she could be in town to celebrate April's Birthday.
Out to lunch at Chick-fil-A with Mommy and Daddy (and Ryan was there too!). We love April so much and we are so happy she is a part of our family. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Lindsey's Wedding!

Lindsey and I became best friends when we met at girls' camp when we were 12 years old. We literally saw each other every day during our high school years because of seminary, church basketball, mutual, and usually we'd try to hang out on the weekends too. I found a few gems of us from our high school days.
 Here is us at EFY when we were roommates!
At Seminary or mutual one evening. We always saw each other!
One time when we got all dressed up for a stake dance. We LIVED for those dances!
On my wedding day. Lindsey took all of our wedding photos for us!
 Here's us together more recently (earlier this year)
Hanging out with the kids at the Southpark Meadows playground. 

This weekend Ben and I got to go celebrate Lindsey as she got married to her long-time boyfriend Scott at their wedding in Austin. We had such an amazing time, and everything was so beautiful. Lindsey looked gorgeous!
 Here's our selfie with the happy couple.
The beautiful venue. The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor wedding. That's Texas in November for you! No jacket required.
There was an orchestra quartet playing live music.
Taking pictures with Lindsey's dog Sparky.
Me and Ben exploring the scenery.
Lindsey in her beautiful wedding dress. 
 Cutting the cake!
 Me and Lindz!
I love this girl, and I am so so happy me and Ben could celebrate her special day with her!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Fun

Thanks to Natalie, I got to have an awesome Halloween costume this year. I still can't believe you didn't wear it, Nat! So I just have one question: Who wore it best? Lol!


Just kidding, just kidding! We're obviously both beautiful in it! It was so much fun to wear this costume, and I loved spinning around in it. Thanks again, Natalie!
My Friend Kristen Sierra throws a Halloween party every year, and it's always so much fun! Here I am with my good friend Whitney. She went as a Whoopie cushion!
I think we got everybody in this pic. Notice how I'm really getting into my character, since my eyes are shut. Just "Sleeping". NBD. Hahaha.
Here is the costume that we wanted Ryan to wear for Halloween. I borrowed it from Whitney, and Ryan looked so adorable! He would only wear it for about 5 seconds though, and then he started fussing and crying for us to take it off. So . . . he didn't end up wearing it. :( At least I got a few pics, though!
 Ryan and Daddy.
 The girls were so excited to get to wear their costumes to our ward Trunk-or-Treat night. April was Elsa and Jamie was Princess Aurora because she wanted to match me!
 Ryan ended up wearing his skeleton shirt because he threw a huge fit when I tried to put on the Incredibles costume.
Dressed up and having fun eating chili.
Jamie and her friend Langly.

 Our witchy pumpkin that Ben and the kids carved! I was busy making homemade caramel apples.

Halloween night! April sweetly allowed Jamie to wear the Rainbow Dash costume that Grami actually purchased for her to wear.
 Sassy as can be.
 Sweet little Elsa ready for some candy.

 It was rainy and cold on Halloween night, so we only got down two streets before it started pouring! The kids still got tons of candy though.
 Here's Ryan in his improvised Halloween costume that also happen to be PJs: Army Man!

Some other Halloween Happenings:
 I took Ryan and April to the pumpkin patch for playgroup while Jamie was at school. They loved it!

 Jamie got to decorate a pumpkin as a book character for school. Here's Twinkle the pumpkin.
 April and Ryan and I went to our annual PeeWee Halloween carnival with my Meetup group.
It's hard to believe Halloween is already over! I really love this time of year, and it's even more enjoyable when you have three busy kids to share in the fun of the season. Even though Ben didn't dress up with us, he had fun too!