Monday, May 16, 2016

Granty Grant is home!!

My brother Grant recently returned home from a two year church mission in Madagascar. We went to the airport to greet him. The girls were pretty wiggly and anxious, but they toughed it out. We are so excited that he is back home in Texas with us for the next month before he goes to BYU for school.
Jamie wanted to match me at the airport in case anyone's wondering why our outfits are so similar. April can say, "Gant" pretty well, along with "Gami", "Gampi", and "Lala" for Alli. Every time I say that we are going to go to Grami's house, she asks me if everyone is going to be there. "Lalala?" always comes first. Haha. We are all so happy to have Grant home safe and sound!

Monday, May 9, 2016

What We've Been Doing with All Our Free Time

We got to attend the annual Buda Wiener Dog Festival this year. The girls had a great time, and Jamie still talks about her first pony ride. She was so brave! We did the petting zoo too, and of course we watched a lot of the races. Those wiener dogs are so hilarious when they run.

April got to ride "Big Blackie" at Grami's house. She was a little jealous that Jamie got to ride a pony and she didn't. April totally would have done it, too! She has such an adventurous spirit.

We've been playing at our neighborhood splash pad and pool as often as possible. The water is still super cold, but when the sun's out it's just barely hot enough to get wet.
I took the girls to sign Jamie up for swimming lessons this summer. She is super excited about it. We walked behind the Parks and Recreation building to "Lake Kyle" to share some fruit snacks. You can't swim in the lake, but it's nice and breezy and the girls enjoyed watching for ducks.

Jamie is getting to be such a great swimmer. She swims all over our pool with her puddle jumper on.
Ben and I went to Johnny Carino's to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary. Afterwards we went to a live theater production of "Hamlet". Food and theater are two of our favorite things.
Finally, I did my sister Alli's makeup for Mormon Prom! She looked beautiful in her gorgeous dress.