Saturday, January 14, 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We had a lot of fun this Christmas! Our Christmas nativity set that was given to us by Ben's cousin Esther when we got married is still going strong. We display it every year. 

What's Christmas without a Christmas kitty?

Ben and I got to attend his potluck work Christmas party together which was very chill. I got to meet a lot of his coworkers and we ate some yummy food. There was a White Elephant Gift Exchange, and we won the an umbrella! Lol. We were pretty stoked. But we were even more excited that when you opened it, there was cash inside! Pretty good White Elephant gift.

We kept our annual tradition of eating Johnny Carino's for Christmas Eve lunch. My grandparents joined us, and Ben's mom Cynthia. She came into town to spend Christmas with us this year.

 Two of my siblings came to Texas to spend Christmas with us. My sister Adrienne and my brother Grant. They played with the kids so much and were so much fun to have around. 
Grant and Jamie at the park.

 My mom holding Ryan. He got held a lot over Christmas!
 Ben and my dad doing the annual Christmas puzzle. Every year my mom gets a new one. They get harder every year!
 The girls were so patient and waited until after church to open their gifts. They got a ton of awesome toys and games!
 One of the biggest hits this year was the game, "Let's Go Fishin'". The girls loved playing it over and over again with Grandma Cynthia.
 Me and Ryan.
Eating goodies after presents.
In their Christmas PJs from Grami and Grampi.
 Ben's dad Daniel came the day after Christmas to spend some time with us. He and the girls drew some amazing sidewalk chalk artwork.
 Ben and Ryan hanging out and watching the artists.

 Sorry, he's just too cute! I had to post all 3 pics.
Grandpa Daniel playing with the girls.
 We went with my family to the Wimberley Trail of Lights where they have awesome displays and tons of Christmas lights and inflatables. April was in heaven. The girls asked us several times this year if we could purchase a Christmas inflatable. Maybe next year, kids!
 April and Snoopy.
 My sister Alli enjoying her time with no school and no work and my brother Grant and his girlfriend (now fiancee!) Hailey. They are getting married in April and got engaged over the break!

 They have a musical section at the Trail of Lights where the kids can whack a bunch of different xylophones and bells. April loved it!
 My sister Adrienne and her boyfriend (now also fiancee!) David. David proposed to Adrienne the night of the Trail of Lights. We are so excited for them to get married in March!
 Age and David with their Blizzard ice cream cake I got them from Dairy Queen to celebrate their engagement.
Jamie was a wonderful ballerina at her ballet recital during the break. She was so cute and excited to perform. We were so proud of her!

 Jamie with her ballet teacher, my good friend Chow Wilde. She is so patient and good with her students.
 Everyone who came to support Jamie's ballet recital. Ryan's chillin' in the stroller. I did take a video, but I'll have to post it later when I have more time. Or maybe on Facebook!