Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summertime is Here!

It's officially summer here in Austin. It has been for the past few weeks, I guess, but it's finally hot enough to swim! I wasn't sure how Jamie was going to like the water, but we've had a few successful swims already so I think she likes it! It usually takes her about 5 minutes to get used to it and then after that she seems to enjoy herself. We got to go swimming with my mom, sister, and brother and I got some great photos. The water was so clear and beautiful and the perfect temperature. Ben hasn't been able to go swimming with us yet because he's been studying for the BAR, but I'm hoping this weekend we can go as a family! And just in case you were wondering, Jamie has 4 different swimsuits. She is so stylish. All of them were given to her, though. My mom gave her two, the Lira family gave her the cute pink and blue one, and then she also has a super cute ruffly one that the Thorley family gave her. Check out how much fun we had:

This little inflatable swim tire thingie was a garage sale find for 50 cents. She loved it!
Jamie and her Aunt Allison.
On a different day we went to Roy G. Guerrero park and swam in this amazing beach area that I wish Ben and I had known about years ago! The water is nice and shallow and so clear. There were actually kids building sandcastles, too!
Here's a shot of us after swimming. Jamie always smiles at the camera if you go, "One, two, three!" I have trained her well, I think. We're excited for more opportunities to swim this summer!