Thursday, November 17, 2016

More Halloween Pics and Such

I realized I forgot to add the other Halloween pictures I had to my last blog post. Ryan wore his banana costume for about 5 seconds, but i did manage to get a picture of him in it.

April loved being Anna from Frozen. She even let me French braid her hair because I told her that she would really look like Anna if I did. She looked so cute!

 Jamie was Cinderella from the Live Action Cinderella film that came out not too long ago. She had a lot of people say, "Are you a butterfly princess?" I was like, C'mon people, she looks exactly like Cinderella from the movie! I guess not as many people have seen the movie as I thought. Anyway, she looked beautiful and she loved twirling around in it.
 We went Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood for about an hour while my mom watched Ryan at home. It's amazing how much candy you can get in an hour! Here are the girls organizing the candy.
 Jamie and April sure love their lollipops.

 I caught this picture a few days ago and it was so precious. Jamie has been reading to April a lot more and being such a good big sister to her. She is still having a hard time with snatching toys, but we are working on it.
My friend Heidi recently had her first baby, and I went to the hospital to take her dinner and visit with her. I am so happy for her!