Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter Sunday and the Many Egg Hunts

We had a wonderful Easter this year! Ben got Friday off, so we used it to go to a nearby park and play. The kids had a great time and it was perfect weather. We brought along some snacks and had a little mini-picnic. Ryan loved the little tunnel.

 Jamie and April like it when they can find a picnic table just their size.

 A roly-poly bug Daddy found! 
 We walked to this little pond nearby and watched the ducks swim around. It was a little bright outside. Hahaha.
 On Saturday our ward Primary threw an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos! Jamie and April had a blast.

 Ryan enjoyed being outside and sitting with me.

 On Easter Sunday the girls got all dolled up in the beautiful dresses Grandma Millie got for them. We had to do a mini-photo session because they just looked too cute.
 I think this one shows the girls' personalities the best. Hahaha.

 We had our home teacher literally take six different photos of our family, and this was the best of the batch. Hahaha. Hard to get everyone looking AND smiling at the same time.
 After church we headed over to my mom and dad's house for another Easter egg hunt!

I felt like this Easter was our best one yet! We had a nice Easter dinner together as a family and spent a lot of time reflecting and thinking about the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the Gospel and all the wonderful blessings we enjoy!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Adrienne and David Get Hitched

Ben, Ryan, and I got to visit Utah a few weeks ago for my sister Adrienne's wedding! Ryan was perfect in the airport and on the plane. He loved eating Grampi's food before we took off.
The gorgeous bride and handsome groom. Their sealing was so beautiful!
Ben and I finally got a decent pic of the two of us outside the temple.
Mom and Ryan
 Me and my sisters and brother.
 All the bridesmaids/sisters and sisters-in-law.
 I have to say I was grateful that my sister picked such beautiful bridesmaid dresses. There was a wedding right before hers where the girls were wearing pink tutus. I will be forever grateful that Adrienne did not make me wear a pink tutu on her wedding day.
 We're so happy that David has joined our family! The happy couple with my mom and dad.
 Me and the beautiful bride.
 The wedding party.
 They did it!!!
 Everyone who was there for the wedding on both sides.
 It was a cloudy day, but really perfect weather for pictures!
 My brother Grant and his fiancee Hailey. They're set to get married in June.
 Alli and I making model faces.
 Natalie, me, Alli, and my mom.
 Got to hang out with these two cool ladies. Lots of good memories with these two.
 Our family minus the girls. Grandma Cynthia was taking great care of them in Texas.
After the sealing at the Bountiful temple and the luncheon, we headed to the reception center where we chowed down on crepes and cheesecake.
Ryan was enjoying all the attention he was getting from everyone.
It's not very often that he has Mommy and Daddy all to himself!

The day after the wedding we visited with Ben's cousins Chris and Esther. They have four kids, and their baby girl and Ryan are just a few weeks apart.

Me, Ryan, Esther, Cosette, and Elise.
After breakfast Ben went on a hike with Natalie's husband Trevor and Ben's friend Jacob. They hiked the Y in Provo.

Our trip was so fun, and we really enjoyed all the time we got to spend with family and friends. Until next time, Utah!