Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trip to Oklahoma City, OK

This past weekend we went to Oklahoma City, OK to meet up with my sister Natalie and her husband Trevor:
They were doing their yearly road trip from Caifornia back to Indiana, so we thought we'd have a little family reunion while they stopped in Oklahoma. The trip consisted of some pretty big milestones for the Garcia family. The first one of which, was my little sister Alli getting her ears pierced!

Everyone says we look like twins. Now that her ears are pierced, we're even more similar!

Another big milestone: my sister Adrienne made friends with a gorilla. This gorilla would offer her some celery every once and a while, but Adrienne always refused it. I don't get that girl. Who wouldn't want free food from a gorilla?
And another huge milestone: having our family all together at the Oklahoma City Zoo and loving it! It was a great trip, and Ben and I had such a blast with everyone. We are also very happy for my sister Natalie who is due in October. I will post more pics of the OK trip on facebook, if anyone wants to see more. We're now back in Austin and counting down the days until law school starts!