Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Weekend in Dallas

For those of you who might be wondering why Ben and I weren't more festive this year with our Halloween holiday, it was mostly because we decided to go to Dallas last weekend! Even if we weren't trick-or-treating or bobbing for apples, we still had a fun time hanging out with Ben's parents. Ben's dad took us to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, where we took a picture next to Jumbo, the wooly mammoth sculpture.
A cool porch swing we found outside the museum.
The underwater predator that I would never EVER want to meet.

The animatronic T-REX. Rawr.
After the museum, Ben and I went to see "Despicable Me" at the theater with Cynthia. Such a cute movie. Dinner was delicious and afterwards we got frozen yogurt! We had such a wonderful time and it was nice to get away for a while and spend time with Ben's family.


Everyone is posting Halloween pics, so I thought I'd join the fun! This year's edition:
I really wanted to do matching costumes, but we never had time to go out and get them. Very low-key Halloween for us this year. I made the Minnie Mouse ears and already had the dress, and all Ben had to do was put a pot on his head to be Johnny Appleseed. However, if you want to see some successful costumes from the past:
Peter Pan and Tiger Lily (our first Halloween together!)

And Zorro and Elena. Cue Spanish music. Second Halloween together. Oerall, the ward party this year was fun and we had a good time, even if a lot of people's costumes were way more creative and exciting. We're hoping we can still carve a pumpkin this weekend if they're not all gone.