Sunday, July 10, 2016

Baby Ryan is Here!

Our beautiful baby boy decided to come 11 days early! We are all so happy that he didn't make us wait until his due date. Ryan was born on July 2nd at 9:50 pm. I barely made it to the hospital in time! We are all smitten with him and can't believe how much dark hair he has.
 Auntie Alli, Grami and Grampi all came to visit us in the hospital. They took care of Jamie and April for us during our two day stay in the hospital. The girls were spoiled and loved at Grami's house!
 Mom, "Grami" holding baby Ryan.
 Ben and I were very excited to come home from the hospital. There's no place like home! Jamie loves to hold Ryan and likes how he grips her finger. She is so sweet to him.
 This glider/rocker has been good to us. I can't believe it's still standing after 3 kids! It's getting pretty beat up from all the use, but still going strong.
 After Ryan's first bath. All cozy in his sleeper.
 Auntie Alli came by one night to bring us treats and held Ryan for us while we got the girls ready for bed. She is such a great Auntie!
 Ben trying to catch a nap. What could he possibly be tired from? Haha
 Ryan taking a bottle! We gave him his first bottle when he was a week old, and he drank it down super fast. Didn't even blink. We are so grateful he likes drinking a bottle, because April always refused it.
 Opening those pretty blue eyes.
April giving baby brother lots of kisses. She has been so sweet with him and not acted jealous so far. She is so good natured and loving. We feel so blessed and happy that Ryan has joined our family.