Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fort Worth Water Gardens

July 4th weekend, Ben and I went to Dallas to visit his family. One of the coolest things we got to do while we were there was go to the Fort Worth Water Gardens, about 45 mins outside Dallas. The gardens were absolutely beautiful. I have never seen anything like it. We went with Ben's mom, Cynthia and his sister Andrea.
Andrea was home for a visit, and it was so fun to see her. She is so much fun to be around and so sweet. As evidenced by this picture, of course.
This is the "Active Pool", which was by far the coolest water sculpture there. I kept thinking I was going to fall in, especially when we walked through it, but luckily I was safe.

As always, it was great to see Ben's family and spend time with them. Unfortunately, I didn't take any more photos of the three day weekend, but it was a blast!

Capitol Trip

I know it's been a while since I've updated, so I am just going to post some pictures and summarize the latest happenings with us. For those of you not from Austin who may not recognize the above picture, Ben and I went to visit the Capitol building the weekend of June 25th. I have been to the Capitol many times since I was born and raised here, but this was Ben's first time to go. It's not a particularly exciting thing to do, but it's cool to see the different rooms and to walk around with all the Austin tourists. It's really funny that because there are so many people always roaming around the Capitol, the animals are not afraid of people at all. Take this squirrel for example:
This little guy was convinced we were going to give him some food. He got so close we almost touched him!

Anyway, the Capitol is always fun to see, and I'm glad Ben got to experience it.