Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ricey Gets a Bath

This was her reaction when she found out she was going to get a bath: No, I am not kidding. She was against the idea from the start, but fortunately she had no choice in the matter. She smelled bad and the kitty litter stains on her paws spoke volumes. I, for one, never knew you were supposed to bathe cats ever. Since the only cats I ever had growing up were outdoor cats, we were lucky to see them twice a week, and my dad would have never thought about bathing them. But I am married to a man who believes firmly in bathing kitties, so here's what happened:
The above pictures illustrate her, "why me?" attitude during bathtime.

She was just too funny looking afterwards to not take a million pictures of, but I settled on the best two to post. I never knew that wet kitties looked like drowned rats. She might have looked funny, but she sure smelled better, and her fur fluffed up quite nicely once she had licked herself for an hour. I read a lot of blogs where moms post pictures of their baby's faces during their first bath. Maybe that is what inspired this blog post. Ben's dad took most of the pictures, so I have to give credit to him. We really enjoyed having him over for the weekend and I even baked him a cake to celebrate his birthday coming up on June 28th:

Happy Birthday!

Hamilton Pool

This weekend Ben, his dad, and I went to Hamilton pool to go swimming. Hamilton pool is this gorgeous cave full of water where people can go and swim during the summer. It's about an hour outside of Austin, and totally worth the drive. Unfortunately, when we got there they said the bacteria level was too high, so no one could swim. This was a major bummer, especially since it was so hot outside. Anyway, here are some great pics we took. Ben and I are determined to go back and swim when it's open.

Ben and his dad enjoying the plants and walking toward our picnic spot.

Look how clear that water is! I couldn't believe there was bacteria in there!

It was truly breathtakingly gorgeous. I cannot wait to go back so we can actually jump in!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Texas Thunderstorms, Snails, and a Hole in the Wall

Two nights ago we had a killer Texas thunderstorm. One of the things I missed dreadfully while at school in Provo was the Provo weather's inability to provide a significantly loud and wonderful thunderstorm. I love listening to the rain and the thunder and watching the room light up with lightning. What's also fun after the rain is watching all the little buggies coming out of their hiding places. Normally I am not a fan of bugs, but I thought these snails were too cute not to take a picture of! It's fun to see snails after the rain. But, look what the rain also brought to our apartment complex besides snails :

If you can't tell what that is, it is a hole in my closet wall. A hole that was made from water seeping into the walls during the thunderstorm. I woke up in the morning to find a huge hole in my closet, and thankfully only one or two things got wet. I was very grateful that my wedding dress and Ben's ties are on the OTHER side of the closet, and did not get damaged.

Here's the hole from a closer viewpoint. So, I called the apartment complex and they said they would have the maintenance guys come and "fix" it. Basically the guy came in, looked at the hole, said, "that's really big" and then said he couldn't fix it until it stopped raining outside. I thought, ok, fair enough. Turns out when I called the office today the maintenance guy says he can't come and fix it until it's totally dry.'s a hole in the wall from which water is leaking. I don't know if this thing is ever going to be dry. So, now all my stuff has been moved out of my closet and is scattered around our room in disarray. Oh, and the carpet guy came by, pulled up some of the carpet, and then left. So, I'm not very impressed with how this situation has been handled so far. I hope they fix it tomorrow. I'm starting to think that possibly I attract water coming in from unwanted places. In my freshman dorm at BYU our basement apartment flooded four times in one year!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zilker Park!

This Memorial Day weekend Ben and I went with my family to Zilker Park. If you've never been to Austin before, Zilker Park is the absolute best spot in Austin for hiking, swimming, canoeing, etc. When I was growing up we didn't visit the park that often because we were always so far south, but now that Ben and I live so close, we try to take advantage of it. My parents, Alli, and Adrienne met up with us at the park and we all went canoeing!
Here is Alli making a face. She was actually quite the paddler. When my arms got tired, Alli got a turn paddling, and she usually outperformed me.

Ben was having a hard time keeping up with me...ok not really. He was the one doing most of the work.
Here is a very shadowy picture of me. Yay for canoeing!
A beautiful view of downtown Austin from our boat. After canoeing, we had a huge picnic with all the yummy food my mom bought. We were pretty much all wiped out afterwards. Canoeing is harder than it looks. I hope everyone else had as much fun on Memorial Day as we did!