Monday, February 27, 2017

Alli's Disney Concert, New Pics, and Our Trip to Dallas!

 My sister Alli is in her senior year of high school, and she is amazing. She does pretty much every extracurricular there is, and also has a job at Panda Express, and goes to seminary, and has an incredible voice. Jamie and I went on a Mommy-daughter date to go and hear Alli sing at her Disney choir concert. She was awesome! We loved hearing all of the songs, and Jamie was so excited to watch Alli sing "Almost There" from "Princess and the Frog". We sure love Alli, and we are going to miss her so much when she leaves for college in the fall!
 Jamie and April in their super cute church dresses. As a mom, sometimes you just have to snap a pic before they get all sticky and their hair gets all crazy.
 April really wanted to blow bubbles the other day, so we got out all the bubble wands and had a blast. Jamie resisted at first, but ended up joining in on the fun.
 Love this shot of April mid-bubble.
 Sometimes Jamie and April really do adore each other. 
 Ryan will be 8 months old on Thursday, and he is getting to be a lot more smiley and happy than before. He is such a little cutie.
 We took a road trip to Dallas on President's Day weekend, and it went surprisingly well! The girls watched a movie and then slept, and Ryan slept THE ENTIRE TIME. Ben and I were shocked. It was our first attempt at a road trip longer than an hour with him, and we were so happy he did so well. One of the things the girls love best about going to Dallas is getting to play with all of Ben's dinosaurs that he had when he was a little boy. April was coming up with all kinds of funny names for them. This dino pictured was, "Edid." Lol
 We brought our fun family game, "Big Picture Apples to Apples" that Grami got us for Christmas. The girls want to play it every chance they can get.
 In Dallas we went to lunch at Jason's Deli with Ben's mom. The girls loved the free ice cream cones!
 We also got to spend some time with Ben's Grandma Millie and Grandpa Dean. We enjoyed our visit with them so much. They are so sweet and fun to talk to. The kids loved the grapes and "2 bite cupcakes" Millie and Dean brought for them to snack on.

 There is a really cool duck pond not too far away from where Ben's Mom Cynthia lives, so we went there to attempt to feed the ducks some Cheerios. Apparently they don't like those, because we kept throwing them in the water and not a single duck ate one. Oh well. Guess bread is the grain of choice.
 Finally got a pic of us. I never remember to take any because I'm always the one behind the camera!
 Ryan looking adorable. I love this cheesy smile.
 April with Ben's dad Daniel. We went to the park in his neighborhood and the kids loved it! Anywhere they can go to climb and swing is heaven for them.

 I promise April is not picking her nose in this pic! Lol
 We went on a walk and there were a lot of bridges to cross. No trolls though. Not as far as we could tell . . .

We really enjoyed our visit to Dallas and the kids were perfect on the road trip back! Visiting family is always so fun and everyone had an awesome time.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ryan's First Haircut

Some might say Ryan's hair was getting a little long . . . but as his mommy I thought it looked perfect. It only got into his face some of the time, and I couldn't bear the thought of chopping those curls off.

Here he is sitting up so well with his long hair.
Looking mighty fine and dapper.
Well . . . it happened. 
He got his first haircut!
I have to admit that I was really sad when Ben cut it, but now I think it looks pretty dang cute. I am not used to babies getting their hair cut so soon! He is only 7 months old, but he is my first boy, so I guess I should have expected it.
I think it makes him look so grown up and handsome. In the meantime, the girls have been bonding a lot lately. They like to snuggle together and play together all morning long.

 April is completely potty trained and we are moving her into a "big girl bed" this weekend! She is barely over two years old, so this is kind of a big deal.
 Ryan has been eating everything he can get his hands on. I gave him my pizza crust the other night, and he shrieked when I took it away. This kid is never full. He loves LOVES LOVES to eat. He opens his mouth wide like a baby bird and wiggles his hands at his sides just like Jamie did when she was a little baby.
 Since I was taking a picture of Ryan eating, the girls wanted pictures of them eating too. Haha.
Jamie is really into tacos right now. That's all she ever wants to eat for lunch. Good thing I always have tortillas and cheese in the fridge! We are all doing great and loving this awesome Texas winter/spring weather.