Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Shower!

Last weekend my friend Caterine Snelson hosted a baby shower for me, and it was so much fun! The theme was "ladybugs" since the nursery bedding set we have is pink and green with little ladybugs. It was fun to see how many ladybug themed gifts baby Jamie received. I can't wait to dress her in all the cute ladybug outfits! Here's a picture below of all the people who attended:

About 30 people came, which was an awesome turnout. I felt so overwhelmed by love and support from everyone, it was just wonderful. I am so grateful for everyone who came out to share our happiness at baby Jamie Christine's arrival!
Suzanne and Hailey Williams
My friend Caterine who hosted the shower for me

My friend Lyn, who so graciously let us use her beautiful home for the shower. 
The adorable ladybug crackers the Hess family brought. Of course, I will post more pictures to facebook, since I know everyone doesn't want to scroll down about 50 photos. 
In this picture with my friend Allisa, you can tell Jamie is getting bigger! Only about a month before she's here!