Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two Year Anniversary

Three years ago, a boy named Ben and a girl named Elena fell in love.
Two years ago, they made the best decision of their lives and got married for time and all eternity in the San Antonio Texas LDS temple.
Today, Ben and Elena are living happily married in Austin and loving life.
Happy Anniversary, babe! You make my life complete. I love you.

Alice in Weinerland

No, this is not a duplicate post. If you are a steady Ben and Elena blog follower, these pictures might look a little familiar. It was the annual Buda Weiner Dog festival again this year, and Ben and I couldn't miss it! Adrienne wasn't there this time around, and Grant didn't want to go because he was too tired, but Ben and I still went with my mom and dad. The theme this year was "Alice in Weinerland". Lol. Some of the dogs' names were hilarious. My favorite was "Red Log".

Latest Gillis Happenings

It feels like these last couple of months have gone by so fast! Ben has been super busy with school, and I have been keeping on top of work, school, basketball, etc. I know it's been awhile since I blogged, so here's an update on us. The weekend of April 15th, Ben and I went to Dallas to visit his parents and grandparents. We went to White Rock Lake with Cynthia, which was absolutely gorgeous. I got a tad bit sunburned, but it was worth it for the fantastic view.
Whenever we go to Dallas, we stay at Daniel's house, and Ricey likes to climb to the very top of the kitchen cabinets and observe the action going on down below. Here's a good shot of her just chilling up there:
Daniel and Ben made these wooden cutouts about 15 years ago, and Ben said they would always display them during Christmastime. Daniel, Ben, and I are all huge Calvin and Hobbs fans.
We went to dinner at Uncle Julio's Mexican Restaurant, which I have been dying to go to forever. The food was really really good, and it was super noisy because it was so busy.
On Sunday we went over to Ben's grandparents' house, Millie and Dean Walden, where we played scrabble, ate Easter cake and ice cream, and got to visit. We got to see photos of Millie and Dean's cruise to Hawaii. They are frequent cruise goers. When I can convince Ben to take me on one, I know who to go to for advice on the best cruise! We always have so much fun visiting Dallas and it's so nice to see family and get away for awhile.