Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dallas New Year's

Ben and I went to Carrollton, TX for New Year's which is where Ben grew up. I brought my camera with me, but unfortunately did not take too many pictures. With a sister-in-law for a photographer, it's a little intimidating. Of course I got plenty of good shots of Ricey.
We mostly relaxed and hung out at Ben's house, which was fine by me! Here's a candid of Daniel.
While we were there, Andrea did a sort of mini-photoshoot with us. Here are some pics I pulled from her blog.
This one was just too cute not to post.

Ut Memorial Museum with Cynthia and Andrea

We were very lucky to have Cynthia and Andrea come visit us in Austin. While we were showing them around the UT campus, we checked out the UT Memorial Museum, which Ben and I had never been in before. Here are some pics from that:
Outside the museum with the mustang sculpture.
This ancient horse-creature that used to dwell in Texas.
We had a great time, and we both really appreciate that Cynthia drove her brand new Lincoln all the way from Dallas to Austin, and then back to Dallas with us and Ricey in the car. You're the best, Cynthia! We love you!


Ben and I got to do a lot of fun things this December. We spent a lot of time with both sets of families hanging out, watching movies, going to museums, going out to eat, the usual. Here are some pics of us with my family minus Nat and Trevor and Maddie.
Every Christmas Eve we go out to dinner at Johnny Carino's. It was delicious!
After finals, Ben went to Utah to visit some of his good friends.
We went to "Main Street Bethlehem" in Burnet, TX. It was super cold but totally worth it.
With the whole fam.
Petting the camel with Alli. My next post will be all about the fun things we did with Ben's family!