Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Update

We've got our Christmas tree up, some presents wrapped, and our stockings hung. But right now it doesn't feel a whole lot like the Christmas month. It feels like law school month!

It's finals week for Ben, and he is getting more and more stressed as his first exam approaches. I have full confidence that he is going to do great, and that he has nothing to be nervous about, but of course he's a little worried since this is his first experience with law school tests. Then after finals, he will need to start applying for internships, so that's something he's planning on working on once finals are over. I am so proud of him and how hard he works at school.

As for me, I have been crazy busy with work. We just moved into a new office, and I am taking on a lot of new responsibilities. It's nice to be challenged and to be able to learn new things, but there are some days when I feel like I have so much going on I don't know where to start first. Mostly things are good, and it's nice to have good co-workers.

We have a lot of family activities going on this month, including choir concerts, family parties, the annual "bake-off, and of course the Trail of Lights! Life is so good, but it is so busy! Wish I had time to post pictures, but I'll have to later. Hope everyone is having a great month and getting into the Christmas spirit.